THE REGULATED CLASSROOM: Answering the “Now what?” Question

Who:  classroom teachers, special educators, specialists, OT/PT, speech practitioners, behaviorists, paraeducators, school counselors, adjustment counselors, student assistance counselors, administrators
When:  TBA
Where:  The Hancock Inn
Time:  8:30-4:00pm
Cost:  $259.00 - includes lunch
Contact Hours:  6 contact hours

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In this one-day workshop, educators will deepen self-awareness and capacity for self-regulation through a new approach to trauma-informed teaching called, "The Regulated Classroom: 'Bottom-Up' Trauma-Informed Teaching."  The Regulated Classroom is an approach to creating a connected classroom environment by understanding the human nervous system and its role in human behavior. This workshop promises to be experiential, connecting, informing, and inspirational to the educator looking to repair cumulative stress and apply trauma-informed practices in the classroom.
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