The Regulated Classroom:

“Bottom Up” Trauma-Informed Teaching©

If you are…

  • an educator concerned about the impact of recent events (i.e. pandemic, economic collapse, racism, etc.) on you and your students,
  • frustrated by the limited results from your social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum,
  • not convinced that ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), PBIS, or “rewards and consequences” is the way to address behavioral challenges,


  • find that teachers and staff are overwhelmed with stress and it is impacting their ability to teach effectively,

…we’re talking to you.


The Regulated Classroom:  “Bottom Up” Trauma-Informed Teaching© is a new tier 1 somatosensory and Polyvagal-informed approach to cultivating social-emotional learning (SEL) and well-being in the classroom.

When teachers encounter a student’s stress reaction, they experience their own stress reaction. Sometimes the over or under activation of the teacher’s physiological state serves to either heighten or dampen the collective state of the class.  This phenomenon undermines teachers’ relational connections with their students. It can also fuel vicarious trauma and/or burnout for the teacher.  The Regulated Classroom© helps to diminish the likelihood and frequency of these occurrences.

Through The Regulated Classroom©, educators learn to strengthen both their relationships with students and their capacity for co-regulation.

The Regulated Classroom© is designed to deepen self-awareness about stress activation in your body.  If you experience an increased capacity for self-regulation, you are better equipped to co-regulate with hypo- or hyper-aroused students and re-regulate your class as a whole.   Translation:  Whether you are calm and relaxed, or stressed and feeling like you may finally ‘lose it’, your students can sense and feed off of that energy.

Sharing tools and practices with students as a means of collectively activating and settling the autonomic nervous system (ANS) creates a synchronized classroom experience, making way for social connection, cooperation, impulse control, and academic learning.

The Regulated Classroom© consists of somatosensory tools and four types of classroom practices that are incorporated into classroom routines as a means of stress regulation for educators and their students.  The four kinds of classroom practices are Connectors, Activators, Settlers, and Affirmations.  


Guide Book | Revised and Updated for Pandemic Schooling 

price:  $24.99 + $5 (S&H)= $29.99

Organized with large tabs to easily find information and spiral bound to lay flat, The Regulated Classroom© guidebook is a foundational tool for teachers.  Through clear language and artful illustrations, the book explains the principles of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the Polyvagal Theory, and the impacts of stress and trauma on the brain and the  body.  It offers a wide variety of classroom practices and exercises – Connectors, Activators, Settlers, and Affirmations appropriate for K-12 classrooms and students of most abilities.


Educator Self-Care Toolkit |
Prepared to be spoiled and we’re not kidding! 

price:  $279 + $20 (S&H)= $299

The Regulated Classroom© educator self-care toolkit is a field-tested collection of regulation hacks and sensory tools. The kit is specifically designed for educators (classroom teachers, paraprofessionals/ESP’s, school counselors, school-based mental health providers, social workers, school principals).  Educators explore each item to determine what suits their needs for comfort and felt safety. Intended for classroom use.    

The self-care toolkit includes The Regulated Classroom© guidebook and several high quality tools that may convey a felt sense of safety and comfort in the body:  

* Capeable™ magnetic focus fidget
* Capeable™ weighted scarf
* Mad Mattr™
* (5) Mesh and marble fidget

* (3) Koosh balls
* (1) Massage roller ball
* (3) Squishy stress balls
* (2) Essential oils
* (5) Stretch noodles
* (3) Resistance spiky rings
* (2) Monkey foam 
* Calming tea

And because teachers need and deserve self-care, we are thrilled to include one of our favorite things— the SmartWeight® scarf by CapeAble®.  When worn, this luxurious and inconspicuously weighted scarf provides a settling calm to the wearer.  (Oh, and it’s not only soft and beautiful, it’s machine washable!  Ah-mazing!)

Guiding Assumptions


Essential to the efficacy of The Regulated Classroom© Guidebook and Toolkit are clear understandings of how, when, and why to use them.  We offer a number of training formats and opportunities to suit you:

Level 2+ Implementing the Regulated Classroom©  *We highly recommend this option

  •  Unlimited # of participants
  • Can be offered as a one day professional development training or broken into shorter virtual sessions (2 or 3 hours)
  • Includes access to recorded sessions for 60 days after training
  • Participants will have access to a PDF version of the slides
  • Includes 75 guidebooks, 10 somatosensory toolkits, and 4 hours of implementation coaching

This virtual professional development program helps schools fully implement this approach to social-emotional learning (SEL).


Level 2 An Introduction to The Regulated Classroom©

  • Unlimited # of participants
  • Can be offered as a one day professional development training or broken into shorter virtual sessions (2 or 3 hours)
  • Includes access to recorded sessions for 60 days after the training
  • Participants will receive access to a PDF version of the slides

This 6-hour virtual professional development program offers educators an opportunity to enhance their capacity to deliver trauma-informed instruction during the COVID crisis and after.

Participants will gain a solid theoretical understanding of The Polyvagal Theory and somatosensory functioning.  Educators will learn to how to apply this information for greater self-awareness and to increase the prioritization of somatosensory functioning and recruiting the realm of social engagement in order to reach the “learning brain”. Participants will exercise their newly acquired knowledge as they engage in the conceptual framework and core practices of The Regulated Classroom©.

This training is designed and facilitated to provide exceptional education while providing participants with an experience of support and care for their personal and professional well-being during this stress-inducing time.


Level 1

  • Book Study
  • Max # Participants: 15

This book study format is intended to support educators during this novel and stress-inducing experience. An emphasis is placed on working with the here and now of their experience to increase the likelihood of developing personal and professional capacity to navigate this crisis.

During the four 1-hour virtual sessions, small groups of trauma-informed champions and educators will join Emily Read Daniels in a guided review and discussion of the basic principles of The Regulated Classroom.

Over the four weeks of study, the following principles will be reviewed:

  • The Polyvagal Theory and recruiting the realm of social engagement in a virtual format through intentional vocal prosody and intermittent eye gaze
  • Embedding Dr. Bruce Perry’s neurologically-informed sequence of engagement — Regulate, Relate, Reason — in classroom routines
  • Capacity for “tracking” and “shifting” physiological state in self and students

Participants will engage in the core practices of The Regulated Classroom adapted for virtual use— Connectors, Activators, Settlers, and Affirmations.


Inquire about The Regulated Classroom training for your school or district.



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Phenomenal training! I am a counselor with quite a bit of training in trauma. The emphasis on the physical and self-awareness is excellent. Thank you.

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

"Wonderful! I loved this training opportunity. I really appreciated the thoughtful combination of practicing specific techniques and learning more broadly about the fields they come from. Emily's facilitation made me feel engaged and respected. I was so struck by how many of these techniques are embedded in arts curriculum."

-The Regulated Classroom© training participant

"I feel I am very trauma-informed but I learned so much more about bringing it back to the classroom."

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

"Experiential learning at its best. 'Learn and do' allows me greater retention of material."

-The Regulated Classroom participant 

"Being in a small group made if feel safe and allow for real life speak."

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

"The trainer was funny, witty, very informative and expressed the material in a way that made it relatable."

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

"The pace of the training was informative yet relaxing."

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

Very engaging training; built community, trust, and engagement well.

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

This was the most incredible experience - not just in terms of professional development, but in terms of learning and facilitating genuine human connection. I am so grateful for this entire experience.

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

I liked that the trainings were spaced out so I could practice some things with my own five children in between sessions

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

Your work is much needed!!!!

-The Regulated Classroom participant 

I want to thank you again for the wonderful virtual workshop! I learned so much and have been incorporating the techniques everyday so I don't lose my mind during COVID !

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

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