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Guidebook – Revised and Updated 

Organized with large tabs to easily find information and spiral bound to lay flat, The Regulated Classroom© Guidebook is a foundational tool for teachers.  Through clear language and illustrations, the book explains the principals of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the Polyvagal theory, and the impacts of stress and trauma in the brain and the rest of the body, and a wide variety of classroom practices and activities for Connectors, Activators, Settlers, and Affirmations appropriate to K-12 classrooms and students of most abilities.

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The Regulated Classroom Toolkit

The Regulated Classroom Toolkit is a field-tested collection of ANS regulation hacks. The kit includes The Regulated Classroom© Guidebook and a diverse assortment of high quality, most universally beneficial regulation tools.  The kits are designed to provide the educator with a wide array of options to experiment and discover the types of sensory input that works for them, while modeling the appropriate use of the tools that can be shared with students.  And because teachers need and deserve self-care, we are more than excited to include one of our favorite things— the SmartWeight® scarf by CapeAble®.  When worn, this luxurious and inconspicuously weighted scarf provides a settling calm to the wearer.  (Oh, and it’s not only soft and beautiful, it’s machine washable!  Ah-mazing!)

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