It’s not uncommon to hear ER doctors or nurses lament a “crazy” ER patient that attempted to hurt someone.   In this training, participants deepen their understanding of the survival instinct (fight, flight or freeze/collapse), the Polyvagal Theory, its relationship to the fight, flight, freeze/collapse, acute stress activation in self and others, the power of co-regulation, and strategies for de escalation and body restoration.


Do you feel a weight in the air at your office or hospital?  Is there just a general inertia on the floor? Are people trying to keep their chin up but complain of utter exhaustion? Health care settings are facing the greatest challenges in history. Epidemic levels of behavioral and physical health problems, constrained and uncertain funding, changes in the insurance landscape – it’s depressing to even describe it. However, there is hope.

Nadine Burke, Vincent Felitti, Rob Anda, Bessel Van Der Kolk – these doctors are making real change and seeing incredible results with trauma informed care.  In this training, participants will learn about compassion fatigue, explore their own stress response, understand how collective stress impacts the work environment. Ushering in hope and healing, participants will practice means of inner state regulation and ways of achieving more balance in their health care setting.


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