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Emily Read Daniels,
Founder and Principal


Guernsey Professional Building
70 Main Street
Suite 401-13
Peterborough, NH 03449


Mailing Address:
PO BOX 164
Hancock, NH 03449

Phenomenal training! I am a counselor with quite a bit of training in trauma. The emphasis on the physical and self-awareness is excellent. Thank you.

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

"Wonderful! I loved this training opportunity. I really appreciated the thoughtful combination of practicing specific techniques and learning more broadly about the fields they come from. Emily's facilitation made me feel engaged and respected. I was so struck by how many of these techniques are embedded in arts curriculum."

-The Regulated Classroom© training participant

"I feel I am very trauma-informed but I learned so much more about bringing it back to the classroom."

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

"Experiential learning at its best. 'Learn and do' allows me greater retention of material."

-The Regulated Classroom participant 

"Being in a small group made if feel safe and allow for real life speak."

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

"The trainer was funny, witty, very informative and expressed the material in a way that made it relatable."

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

"The pace of the training was informative yet relaxing."

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

Very engaging training; built community, trust, and engagement well.

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

This was the most incredible experience - not just in terms of professional development, but in terms of learning and facilitating genuine human connection. I am so grateful for this entire experience.

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

I liked that the trainings were spaced out so I could practice some things with my own five children in between sessions

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

Your work is much needed!!!!

-The Regulated Classroom participant 

I want to thank you again for the wonderful virtual workshop! I learned so much and have been incorporating the techniques everyday so I don't lose my mind during COVID !

-The Regulated Classroom© Training Participant

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