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HERE this NOW is a boutique consulting firm that provides technical assistance to those seeking to build capacity for becoming trauma-informed and trauma-responsive.

Becoming “trauma-informed” is a paradigm shift; it means acknowledging and addressing that humans and collections of humans (e.g. systems) are shaped by early life experiences – in particular – adverse childhood experiences. Childhood trauma, toxic stress, or ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) calibrate the body’s stress response and impact the long-term mental and physical health of an individual.

A “hot headed” boss, a disengaged employee, an aggressive child, a combative parent, an emotionally unavailable individual – these circumstances may be a sign of chronic dysregulation in an individual’s autonomic nervous system that manifests as fight, flight, or freeze behaviors and negatively impact family, work, and social systems.

HERE this NOW is highly equipped to help with these challenges.  Passionate about helping others be skilled in mitigating trauma or vicarious trauma, improve organizational effectiveness, weave stronger ties in social networks, and usher in systems change, HERE this NOW engages a  “bottom-up” (body-based) approach to regulating the impact of cumulative stress or trauma.

Our approach is rooted in the principles of The Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing,™ complex systems theory, adaptive capacity, social network thinking, and group dynamics. We strive to provide training, coaching, facilitation, and consultation that is embodied, emergent, experiential, people-first, and relationship-driven.

After all, we are human.


Learn to Build a Trauma-Informed System

"Emily is a gifted facilitator and trainer. 
We laughed so hard we made the tables shake."


Cissy White, workshop participant, ACES Connection Community Facilitator, Writer & Activist, Heal Write Now

Learn to Build a Trauma-Informed System

"There is no blueprint for rolling out trauma-informed practices;  however, Emily's use of a systems approach to educate those of us working to create our own blueprints is exactly what is needed.  The way in which Emily conducts her workshops promotes collaboration of ideas no matter your educational background or current title.  You leave feeling inspired and empowered to move this revolution forward.  I highly recommend her services."


Dawn Daum, workshop participant, ACESConnection Co-Manager:  Building Resiliency and Beyond

Trauma-Informed School 2.0

"This was by far the most engaging, intentional and powerful training I have ever attended.  I have been working on TIC practices / understanding for years, but the depth and richness of this information was new."


Julie Voelker, workshop participant, principal, Washtenaw ISD, Michigan

Learn to Build a Trauma-Informed System

"It was so nice to be connected with so many people who are passionate about trauma-informed care and looking to make small and big system changes.  You did a fabulous job delivering all of the systems information and I loved how you tied in social networking.  

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality.  I came away feeling refreshed with new ideas to start 2018!"


Miranda Carman, workshop participant, Indian Health Services, Maryland

Learn to Build a Trauma-Informed System

"Emily is a master at creating an exceptional learning environment that is content rich and has whole-hearted participation.  I am officially a "groupie!"


Noelle Faccidomo, workshop participant, SDE 

"Emily Daniels helped to transform the student culture at ConVal High School through her passion and relentless pursuit of meeting the social and emotional needs of all students.  She has a great understanding of how trauma affects students and how to build a system of support that leads to academic success.  She is a terrific speaker and presenter that is driven by her desire to help schools transform their culture."


Brian Pickering, Former Principal of ConVal High School

Repairing Staff Burnout

"This was a very refreshing workshop, which left me feeling reenergized.  It was a fantastic reminder of the role that your body plays during everyday stressors."


Workshop Participant, Cheshire Medical Center

Repairing Staff Burnout

"I came away with a better understanding of the hidden ways stress can derail a team and strategies to create a more supportive environment for my team."


Kristen Bernier, workshop participant, Director of Marketing and Communications for Cheshire Medical Center

On-Site Professional Development

"I knew nothing at all about ACES before so this was extremely informative."

Participant at training for Brantwood Camp

The Regulated Classroom

"Experiential learning at its best.  'Learn' and do allows me greater retention of material."  

Colleen Cassidy, behaviorist & workshop participant, SAU 19

On-Site Professional Development

Emily has a great way of connecting with participants.  They were able to shift their perspectives and gain a better understanding about the impact of trauma through her active and engaging workshop.


Jackie Coe, Assistant Superintendent, SAU 24


Emily is an outstanding counselor and had a tremendous impact on ConVal.  She is a consummate professional with a sincere passion for everything she does. She is articulate, intelligent, poised, and self-assured. She is sincerely engaging, quick to laugh and values fun and camaraderie.

In my twenty years as a school counselor, I have yet to meet anyone as dynamic and multi-faceted as Emily.


Kim Chandler, Director of School Counseling & Former Supervisor, ConVal High School


The Regulated Classroom

"Emily is an amazing teacher and presenter! I feel I am very trauma-informed but learned a lot about bringing it back to the classroom."

- Bethany LeClaire, workshop participant, Behavior Specialist, Winchester School, NH


The Regulated Classroom

"Your conference today was the best one I’ve ever been to and I left wanting more. The day seriously flew by! I wish I could bring you to my classroom and school tomorrow as my “show and tell!"


Allison Walls, workshop participant, 1st grade teacher, Laconia School District 


Trauma-Informed Schools 2.0

"Trauma-Informed Schools 2.0 is the best "next step" in my journey / learning to bring back to my schools.  Perfect amount of content, current research and experiential learning to support my ongoing work.  There was lots of learning in theory, practice and skill building."


Sharon Fowler, Clinical Director, Waterville School District AOS 92, Maine


Trauma-Informed School 2.0

"I have attended many professional development conferences and this far surpassed any of them.  The level of engagement, knowledge, experience that Emily and Lara Kain share is unsurpassed.  Lara and Emily use a complex systems approach and incorporate the worlds of business, education, and medicine to teach about the whole person as well as the broad impact (of trauma).  The training teaches to the whole person, professional and personal.  Excellent."


Tracie Travers, workshop participant, JMG, Maine 


The Regulated Classroom

"This was the most incredible experience - not just in terms of conference/professional development, but in terms of learning and facilitating genuine human connectedness.  I am so grateful for this entire experience.  I wish all conferences were done this way."

- Alyssa Collyer, workshop participant, Special Education Teacher, Enfield Village School, NH


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