Building a Trauma-Informed System

The Ecological Perspective :  Two-Day Intensive

For some time, those knowledgeable about ACES/trauma remained focused on the individual that experienced adversity.  “Treating trauma” was client/patient focused, psychotropic medication dependent, and cognitive/ behavioral in emphasis.  Yeah, that’s so 2005.

Today, becoming “trauma-informed” is about initiating and sustaining systems change.  It begins with acknowledging that the current functioning of public service (i.e. education, health care, mental health, etc.) compounds survival responses rather than mitigates them. Becoming a “trauma-informed” system requires intentional actions (reflected in organizational processes) that generate psychological safety and nervous system regulation.

In this interactive workshop, participants build capacity for guiding systems change. Participants learn about complex systems theory, systems phenomena, key considerations in initiating change in a system, adaptive challenges, adaptive leadership, social network theory and network thinking.  Participants reflect on the aforementioned concepts as they relate to the “Self-Healing Communities” framework that revolutionized a county in Washington State.

Intentionally offered in the bucolic village of Hancock, NH, participants will leave this workshop feeling connected, informed, inspired, and equipped to champion trauma-informed change in their respective settings.

Building a Trauma Informed System:
2-Day Intensive

When: Fall 2018 - to be announced
Who: counselors, educators, social workers, administrators, DCYF employees, juvenile justice workers, health care professionals, addiction professionals
Where:  Hancock, NH 
Time:  8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Cost:  $399.00 - lunch included both days
Lodging (10% discount if you mention the workshop):  The Hancock Inn
Location:  The Hancock Inn, Hancock, NH
Contact Hours:  12

Parenting with PTSD:

Understanding and Healing for Parenting Survivors

You thought you were “over it.”  Then you had your kids and you were reliving your childhood abuse through flashbacks and panic attacks.  You are not alone and healing is possible.

In this one-day workshop co-led by author Dawn Daum and HERE this NOW founder Emily Read Daniels, participants will gain an understanding of ACEs science and its impact on:
* mental, emotional, and physical health;
* common triggers parenting survivors experience;
* common reactions and symptoms experienced by parenting survivors;
* the role self and co-regulation play in re-calibrating the body’s stress response system
* interrupting the cycle of abuse

Intentionally offered in the bucolic village of Hancock, NH, participants will complete this workshop feeling supported, informed, validated, and equipped to strengthen their individual resilience and aid their healing or the healing of those they serve.

Learn more about Dawn Daum (co-presenter).  Learn more about Emily Read Daniels

Parenting with PTSD

When:  Thursday, June 28, 2018
Who:  parenting survivors and professionals that work with parenting survivors
Where:  Hancock, NH
Time:  8:30am-4:00pm
Location:  The Hancock Inn
Cost:  $150.00 (early bird rate till June 18th), lunch provided at The Hancock Inn
Contact Hours:  6

How To Transform the Social/Emotional:

Trauma-Informed School Culture

Join former colleagues, Brian Pickering (2016 NH Principal of the Year) and Emily Daniels as they co-present an unforgettable day of learning about transforming school culture.  Pickering and Daniels each contributed to reshaping the school culture of a local NH high school during their tenure together and want to share their acquired wisdom (achievements and failures) with others.

Pickering will present about his use of shared language, collective commitments, norms, building relationships across constituents, and taking risks as a building principal to meet the social/emotional needs of all.  Daniels will present about her role as a student assistance counselor – designing and implementing trauma-informed initiatives and interventions intended to meet the vast needs of vulnerable students and hardworking staff.

Participants will learn about the underpinnings of transforming school culture, the importance of social/emotional well being in school communities, the need for “in-house” cross pollination and support, and how to accomplish the first actions in becoming a trauma-informed school community.  Workshop participants will complete the day feeling inspired and empowered to move the trauma-informed revolution forward in their respective school settings.

How To Transform the Social/Emotional:  Trauma-Informed School Culture

When:  Fall 2018 – To Be Announced
Who:  school counselors, student assistance counselors, special education teachers, teachers, behavior therapists, OT/PT, SLP, educational administrators, curriculum and instruction directors, superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, school social workers
Where:  Hancock, NH
Location:  The Hancock Inn
Time:  8:30am – 4:00pm
Cost:  $249.00 (includes lunch)
Lodging (10% discount if you mention the workshop):  The Hancock Inn
Contact Hours:  6

The Regulated Classroom:  “Bottom-Up” Trauma-Informed Instruction

3-Day CAMP Intensive

When educators learn about the devastating impact of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), childhood trauma, and toxic stress on a child’s developing body, brain, and behavior, they often remark, “Well..what do I do now?”  The Regulated Classroom answers that question.

In this three-day intensive camp experience, educators will deepen self-awareness and capacity for self-regulation through a new approach to trauma-informed teaching.  The Regulated Classroom:  Bottom-Up Trauma-Informed Teaching is an approach to creating a connected classroom environment by understanding the human nervous system and its role in human behavior.

Educators experience their own stress reactions when they encounter challenging student behaviors.  This dynamic human experience undermines connection between educators and their students.  The Regulated Classroom helps educators develop self-awareness about stress activation in their nervous system and their capacity for self-regulation.  They learn to recognize the signs of stress “activation” and “settling” in their bodies through various nature-based activities, sensory tools, and four kinds of classroom practices – Connectors, Activators, Soothers, and Affirmations.  These tools and practices can be incorporated into classroom routines as a means of stress regulation for educators and their students.

The three-day intensive camp experience is led by Emily Read Daniels, M.Ed., MBA, NCC, SEP™ in training, the founder of HERE this NOW and the developer of The Regulated Classroom.  Daniels, an avid hiker and nature lover, formerly led adventure expeditions for Delaware Futures and was a camp counselor and day camp director at YMCA Camp Hi-Rock in the Berkshires of Massachusetts for several summers.

Daniels developed The Regulated Classroom after spending more than 20 years fine tuning her capacity for self-regulation in order to support vulnerable youth as a school counselor and educator. The approach is informed by principles of Somatic Experiencing,™ Responsive Classroom,™ Project Adventure,™ and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.™

Camp participants will be immersed in nature-based forms of self-regulation – hiking, walking, swimming, kayaking, low ropes intiatives, even singing under the moon around a roaring campfire.  This three-day camp promises to be fun, engaging, connecting, informing, and inspiring to the educator looking to repair cumulative stress and apply trauma-informed practices in the classroom.

packing list for The Regulated Classroom camp

Camp Itinerary (1)

The Regulated Classroom CAMP:  3-Day Intensive

Who:  classroom teachers, specialists, OT/PT, speech practitioners, behaviorists, paraeducators, school counselors, adjustment counselors, student assistance counselors
When:  Monday, July 30 – Wednesday, August 1
Where:  Harrisville, NH @ Field and Forest
Time:  10:00 am on 7/30 to 2:00pm on 8/1
Cost:  $399.00 – includes all meals and camp accommodations
Contact Hours:  18 hours

The Lonely Leader:

Administrator or Executive Resilience

The best kept secret in leadership is the overwhelming stress load threatening leader performance and tenure.  Co-presented with sacred healer, Rose Carey, this interactive workshop offers an opportunity for increased self awareness of the body’s stress response, its impact on the body, well-being, and job performance.

Participants will benefit from the opportunity to pause, breathe, reflect, and deepen their understanding of self and tools for strengthening their resilience.

The Lonely Leader:  Strengthening Executive / Administrator Resilience

Who:  principals, health care directors or administrators, social service directors, executive directors, superintendents, CEO's, police/fire chiefs, correctional officials.
When:  TBA
Where:  Hancock, NH
Location:  The Hancock Inn
Time:  8:30am - 4:00pm
Cost:  $249.00, lunch provided
Contact Hours:  6

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